Rehab: In-Patients

Species # of Patients Total=6
Elephant Seal 1
Sea Lion 5
Harbor Seal 0
Northern Fur Seal 0
Guadalupe Fur
Cetacean 0


Name Species Age Sex Date In Weight Length Rescue Location Symptoms
Click to feed Henri
Henri Elephant Seal Yearling Male 10/18/2014 194 pounds 68 inches San Clemente Underweight, dehydrated, wounds on head, chin, rear flippers
Click to feed Garbanzo
Garbanzo California Sea Lion Yearling Female 09/09/2014 46 Pounds 51 Inches San Clemente Restrand from PMMC. Wound on right front flipper, right side of muzzle swollen and conjunctivitis in each eye.
Click to feed Lavender
Lavender California Sea Lion Pup Female 05/07/2014 22 pounds 35 inches Montage Goff Island Malnutrition, dehydration
Click to feed MaryAnn
MaryAnn California Sea Lion Pup Female 04/27/2014 25 pounds 35 inches Huntington City Beach Malnutrition, dehydration
Click to feed Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee California Sea Lion Pup Female 04/16/2014 23 pounds 36 inches Laguna Beach, Montage Malnutrition, dehyration
Click to feed Anna
Anna California Sea Lion Pup Female 03/18/2014 22 Pounds 34 Inches Newport Beach Malnourished and dehydrated

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