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Meals for Seals

By participating in our sponsorship program, your donation will help provide food and medical care for patients like Sampson, the California sea lion pictured below. Through sponsoring you'll learn about and follow your assigned animal's progress, and have the opportunity to attend the release. When you support our "Meals for Seals" program you participate in giving our seal and sea lion patients a second chance at life.

Meals for Seals

Basic Sponsorship

Individual/Family Sponsorship $150
(1-6 participants)
Group Sponsorship $225
(limited to 7 to 30 participants maximum*)


  • Shared sponsorship of one of our patients
  • Updates and photos
  • Invitation to animal's release
  • Visitor yard open Daily 10-4
*If your group is larger than 30 participants you will need to sponsor at the sole sponsorship level

Sole Sponsorship $600


  • Sole sponsorship of one of our patients
  • Updates and photos
  • Invitation to animal's release
  • PMMC's newsletter
  • Tour & history of your animal with one of
    our Animal Care staff
  • Visitor area open daily 10-4
  • Ride with PMMC crew to release location
    (must be 18; limit 2 people)

Annual Sponsorship $1400


  • Sponsorship of three marine mammals in our care
  • All Sole Sponsorship benefits
  • Membership in exclusive Protectors Circle

The average cost to feed on animal during a 3 month rehabilitation period is approximately $1,350. For this reason, there will be more that one sponsor assigned per animal under the Basic Sponsorship option. Upon signing up to participate in the program you will be put on a waiting list. Our patients are assigned when released from medical hold, so the average wait is between 1-2 months. You will be given the opportunity to attend your sponsored animal's release. On occasion, in the best interest of an animal's health, we may need to release an animal on short notice. If this occurs and/or you are not able to attend your assigned animals scheduled release, we will send you pictures and a link to video of that particular release.

Click here to download a Marine Mammal Sponsorship Form or fill out the web form below. Thank you!




Marine Mammal Sponsorship Form

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$1,400 Annual Sponsorship
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Thank you for your support of Pacific Marine Mammal Center!