Change the Life of a Seal

Change the Life of a Seal is a fundraising opportunity for all classrooms! Students collect spare change during the school year, beginning on Monday, October 3, 2016 until Monday, May 1, 2017. Prizes will be awarded to all REGISTERED classrooms that reach their milestones.

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*THERE IS A MAXIMUM SIZE OF 40 STUDENTS PER REGISTRATION. Feel free to register multiple classes for the same teacher.

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Would you like us to send a Staff member to your school for a motivational pep rally? Click the button below to set up a date and time for a personal visit!

*Must be a registered classroom!

This fundraiser meets K-12 Next Generation Science Standards for service learning and literacy. Follow the links below to download and watch additional content!

CLS 2016 Standout Performances!

The kindergarteners! Mrs. fish from las flores and mrs. foeldi from Fairmont

Las Flores Elementary: Manisha Fish's Kindergarten class raised $1000!  Fairmont Private: Brandie Foeldi's Kindergarten class raised $1000!

Community Roots Academy: Siobhan Tangney's 3 Kindergarten classes raised a total of $4424! As the winners, they received a brick in our yard!

 Mrs. Rys 4th grade class from Valencia & MRS. BERES 3RD GRADE CLASS FROM ST. CECILIA (Winners) '

Valencia Elementary: Cheryl Rys's 4th grade class raised $1063!                 St. Cecilia Catholic: Shannon Beres's 3rd grade class raised $1580!

Anneliese Schools: Nikta Nilchian's 5th grade class raised $1047!

84 Participating Classrooms

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