Corporate Volunteer Program

Did you know that the Pacific Marine Mammal Center offers corporate volunteer programs introducing your employees to what goes into rehabilitating and releasing marine mammals? Our programs teach about the importance of marine mammal care, sustainable conservation behaviors, great teamwork, and giving back to the community.

Please choose from one of the following programs:

*All Programs must be scheduled in advance and are subject to availability


Citizens of Science Surveillance and Observation Program

Volunteers will actively and meaningfully participate in marine mammal research through surveillance and observation of rehabilitated seals and sea lions, general health and population assessments, and identification of entangled and other injured animals. These Citizens of Science missions take place on our small rescue boat. Trips are conducted throughout Orange County harbors. (Time Commitment: 3 – 4 hours)

  • No. of Volunteers: 2 – 8 volunteers (dependent on availability of boats)

  • Minimal donation request for resources utilized

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Coastal Beach Cleanup

Help us remove the vast amounts of plastic debris littering our ocean waters and causing significant harm to the environment and eco-system that we depend on. Employees will participate in a collaborative beach clean-up at one of our local Orange County Beaches. (Time Commitment: 3 hours). Check out our impact here!

  • No. of Volunteers: Any

  • Minimal donation request for resources utilized

  • Most cities now require permits, for PMMC to schedule please allow minimum 5 weeks to schedule to acquire proper permits

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Upcycled Single-Use Plastic Art Piece Team-building

Your team will create amazing art piece creations using single-use plastics that are not recyclable and might otherwise end up in the ocean waters. Plastic has been found in more than 60% of all seabirds and in 100% of sea turtle species. When ingested, it can cause life-threatening problems. Most of the plastic used is from previous PMMC coastal beach cleanups. Your creations will be donated to under-served children at a local non-profit organization to inspire and to provide joy in their lives. (Time Commitment: 2 hours)

  • No. of Volunteers: 5 – 20 volunteers

  • Minimal donation request for resources utilized

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PMMC Site Project Support

There are constant needs to maintain our animal care operations and educational programs. After a 30 min. presentation of our mission, volunteers will help with various needs, including scrubbing animal care pens, cleaning animal care pools, washing rescue and outreach vehicles and other odd jobs. (Time Commitment: 2 hours)

  • No. of Volunteers: 5 – 25 volunteers

  • Minimal donation request for resources utilized


Seasonal Level 1 Animal Care

During our busy season, our animal care operations can go through 500-1,000 pounds of fish a day and will feed upwards of 75 animals 3-4 times a day. This program includes a 30 min. presentation followed by an hour of level one animal care volunteer work including prepping and weighing fish and other animal care husbandry support services. *Only available in the spring/early summer. (Time Commitment: 2 hours)

  • No. of Volunteers: Up to 5 volunteers

  • Minimal donation request for resources utilized

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