California Sea Lions Anatomy and Biology

(Ages 9 and up)


Learn about adaptations that make California sea lions unique and able to live efficiently in the ocean environment.

Multimedia presentation includes:

·         Characteristics of mammals

·         What makes marine mammals unique

·         The difference between ‘true’ seals and sea lions

·         Sensory systems of sea lions

·         Unique anatomical and physiological traits of the California sea lion

·         Locomotion and diving capabilities of California sea lions

·         Threats to marine mammals and ways to be good environmental stewards

·         Questions and Answers

Core Ideas:

·         LS 1.A – Structure and Function

·         LS 1.D – Information Processing

·         LS2.D-Social interactions and group behavior.

·         ESS 3.C – Human Impacts on Earth Systems


Anatomy, biology, characteristics or traits, evolution, mammals, skeletal structure, anatomy, locomotion, pelvic girdle, tapetum lucidum, vibrissae, thermoregulation

Connection Technology (*For Distance Learning):

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