Help PMMC Help The Community

We have designed programs to help members of the military, children at risk, children in hospitals as well as classrooms struggling to afford field trip experiences learn about ocean conservation. YOU can make a difference in both the lives of the animals, and to one of these special groups in need.

Sea Lions for Service Members

No amount is too small!

This program brings recently returned military personnel and their families (or close friends) to PMMC to engage in a shared experience. This program aims to help service members reintegrate into civilian life by providing a common bonding experience for the participants through learning about the rescue and rehabilitation work occurring at PMMC, and by participating in activities that help our patients. 

Veterans identify with the struggle of animals fighting health battles or severe injuries, learning that recovery is possible. Witnessing a patient return to a normal life at sea, after rehabilitation, may provide a sense of hope that veterans can draw upon to realize they can accomplish the same recovery.

  • To bring 1 veteran and their family  $230.00
  • To bring 10 veterans and their families  $2,300.00

Saving Seals 

No amount is too small!

PMMC is partnering with non-profit organizations that serve children at risk. Our programming delivers an enriching and empowering experience that exposes children to the world of rescue and rehabilitation work as well as STEM concepts. Participants include children from homeless shelters, those who have been abused or neglected as well as those in the foster care system. Observing the animals and hearing their success stories will provide a sense of hope that adversity can be overcome. The program will highlight the importance of staying in school as well as building confidence and positive communication skills in order to create a path to a future career. This program follows classrooms of students as they transition from elementary school through high school in order to make lasting impacts. All content is aligned with NGSS standards and include math, science and literacy concepts. 

  • To bring one classroom $530.00
  • To bring one classroom from each of the grade levels $2,120.00
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Healing Seals 

No amount is too small!

PMMC is partnering with Children's Hospital of Orange County to provide a program that gives educational opportunities to the children currently undergoing treatment who cannot visit PMMC themselves. The children are introduced to PMMC through a live interactive web feed that allows them to meet PMMC's current patients and ask questions about the rescue and rehabilitation of the animals. After the interactive web presentation, Sealena (PMMC's mascot) will visit with the children on the hospital ward and conduct an ocean-related craft. Each participant receives a "flipper" pendant of a successfully recovered PMMC patient along with a trading card telling the animal's story.

Through learning about rescue, recovery and a return to a normal life at sea, children will be given a sense of hope which they can draw upon to help them realize they, too, can recover and go home.

  • Cost per children's ward $2,432.00
Donate To Healing Seals

Pinniped Pollution Project (PPP)

No amount is too small!

Sponsor a classroom of 35 students at PMMC and help educate the next generation of ocean stewards! When you sponsor the Pinniped Pollution Project, you allow 35 students the opportunity to see recovering marine mammals. This program helps teach them the impact trash has on the marine environment and what students can do in their homes to minimize the amount of trash they create.

Ultimately, you are helping clean up our oceans and improving habits for a healthier planet. By sponsoring a classroom, you provide the supplies, instruction, and take-home learning items for all students. You will receive a personalized "Thank You" letter from the students as well as your name recognized on the Classroom Donor Recognition wall.

  • Cost per classroom $500.00
Donate to Pinniped Pollution Project