For Kids and Teens

Ocean Heroes will embark on an amazing quest to explore our ocean ecosystem from the tiny algae to the majestic gray whale. We will investigate our connection with our marine world through hands on marine science labs, guest presentations, and optional offsite stewardship projects.

This small group experience allows older teens to explore different aspects of marine mammal science. Teens gain daily hands on experience in animal husbandry while they work side by side with our rescue and rehabilitation team, shadow our veterinarian on patient rounds, and participate in medical sample processing and analysis and work as a team during hands on activities related to ongoing research investigations at the center.


Our facility offers a unique experience for children to witness a marine mammal hospital in action! Campers learn how our animal care team rehabilitates our seal and sea lion patients through a series of mock activities including weighing fish, preparing fish smoothies, cleaning pens and learning the art of marine mammal rescue. Each day has a different theme in order to provide a well-rounded study of our ocean environment. Each theme is creatively reinforced through games, arts and crafts.

Let your scouts investigate the world of marine mammals through the It’s Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journey. Girls get the opportunity to learn about environmental issues such as clean water and air, noise pollution, global warming, soil contamination, and agricultural processes.


Investigate the world of marine mammals through our field trips, distance learning and other opportunities for the classroom. Each program include the opportunity to view patients and hear their stories. All programs align with Next Generation Science Standards and Ocean Literacy Principles.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center has been lucky to have conservation-minded children choose to assist with PMMC's animal care needs by giving up their birthday or holiday presents and asking friends and family to support the patients at PMMC instead.

Are you a scout looking for a project to complete an award for which you are striving? Or is your troop interested in a group oriented service project? PMMC has various projects from time to time that might meet the requirements for a service endeavor. Check out some of our currently available projects: