Healing Seals

PMMC is partnering with Children’s hospitals to provide free distance learning programming that connects all young patients undergoing long term care at the hospital to the seal and sea lion patients here at PMMC in real time.

The program provides the children a connection to the outside world that is fun, interesting and educational. A live web broadcast made available in each of the patients’ rooms. The children are able to interact with the program host by asking questions or offering thoughts throughout the program. The children not only discover new concepts, but can also draw parallels to the rescue and rehabilitation process the animals are going through. Seeing recovered animals return to a normal life at sea also provides a sense of hope the children can draw upon and realize they can accomplish the same. Plush sea lions are provided for each child in the hospital to help them remember this.

If your hospital is interested in participating in this program, please contact the Education Department.

The Healing Seals program can only continue with generous contributions of people like you. If you would like to help us provide this experience for children undergoing treatment in hospitals please donate below.