Pacific Marine Mammal Center Responds to Common Dolphin Calf


Baby dolphin strands itself on Capo Beach

LAGUNA BEACH, CA Friday, July 20, 2017 - Pacific Marine Mammal Center responded to a common dolphin calf, estimated to be one week old, that beached itself on Capo Beach late Thursday afternoon. PMMC was notified of the animal by a San Clemente Animal Control officer at approximately 5:35 pm.

PMMC was in the midst of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) whale disentanglement training and immediately jumped into action. The rescue team arrived at the beach by 6:15 pm. A small crowd had gathered and had the animal in a small children's pool to keep him wet and buoyant until PMMC arrived.

Upon returning back to the center, PMMC's Veterinarian Kelli Barnett and NOAA West Coast Stranding Coordinator Justin Viezbicke, both observed that the animal was visibly emaciated, 19.8 pounds.

"Unfortunately the animal was picked up in very poor condition and in the process of evaluation the animal passed," said Viezbicke. Less than 1% of cetaceans that strand survive. A necropsy will be performed on the animal.

PMMC wants to thank San Clemente Animal Control and those of the public that were down at the beach that afternoon. Both children and adults were very respectful, quiet and calm assisting PMMC's rescue team which expedited the process getting the animal back to the center.

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To date in 2017 thus far PMMC has rescued 170 pinnipeds again above the 150 average including; 111 California sea lions, 53 elephant seals, four Pacific harbor seals, two endangered Guadalupe fur seals, one green sea turtle, one common dolphin calf, and responded to two whale entanglement.

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