Mia Giunta - Education Specialist


Mia grew up taking care of animals from an early age, starting out with horses, cows, and a pot belly pig. As she got older she spent most of her time on the water in harbors and estuaries off the west coast of Florida. She also had the opportunity to volunteer in animal care at the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in Punta Gorda Florida.

Mia moved to California and started researching about the California environment to find a job that would fit her passion for conservation and animal care. She began volunteering at PMMC as a docent in 2015. Later that year she started working as a Tide pool Educator for the Laguna Ocean Foundation. In 2017 she added animal care at PMMC and cetacean lectures at Discovery Cube Ocean Quest to her schedule. After a lot of hard work and studying Mia was able to become our Education Specialist to help spread the word about ocean conservation and continues to volunteer in animal care.