Scout Projects


Are you a scout looking for a project to complete an award for which you are striving? PMMC has various projects from time to time that might meet the requirements for a service endeavor. See below for currently available projects:

  1. Construct an artifact cart: PMMC’s artifact cart is a focal educational piece in our visitor yard, especially outside of our stranding season when we have very few animals with which to engage guests. Unfortunately, this aging cart needs to be retired due to wear and tear. We need a new artifact cart constructed to house and display educational props such as:

o   Animal skulls

o   Educational signage/games

o   Rehabilitation equipment, etc.

The design itself can be fluid, but the cart will need shelving. The dimensions of the current cart are 8 ft wide x 7 ½ ft high x 3 1/2 deep


Is your troop interested in a group oriented service project to benefit PMMC? From time to time, we have projects come up that could benefit from group help. Please note that due liability (risk of injury and pathogens) and extensive training involved, we currently do not offer group volunteer experiences that revolve around animal care (rescue, rehab, cleaning, etc.). See below for currently available projects.

  1. Make fleece blankets for seal and sea lion pups: we use blankets to help warm the pups that we rescue. They also provide something warm to snuggle up with that may feel like mom and provide them comfort. Our blankets need to be a specific size so they are not too large for us to use. Blankets should be 45-48” wide and 75” long. You may find instructions on how to make them at: