Kelli Barnett, DVM


I received a BA in Biology from University of Louisville, a DVM from Mississippi State University, an MS in Molecular Pathology from UCSD, and an MBA from CSU-LA.  While in veterinary school, I was fortunate to spend a year doing externships in various zoos and wild animal parks, as well as several surgery clinics.  I participated in a giraffe necropsy, gave a penguin a blood transfusion, and helped anesthetize a rhinocerous for an endoscopy - all experiences I will never forget.  

My previous work experience includes small animal private practice, high volume spay/neuter clinics, laboratory animal medicine, and shelter medicine.  I am very grateful that these varied experiences have brought me to PMMC.  Marine mammal medicine presents unique challenges that make it exciting to come to work every day.  Working at PMMC is a gift, an opportunity to give back to a world from which we take so much.

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I am among those who think that science has great beauty. -Marie Curie