Keith Matassa

Director of Zoological & Conservation Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Biology, St. Francis College/University of New England (1985)

Keith came to PMMC in early 2013 with 25 years of marine mammal center experience, most recently at the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center in Biddeford, Maine. Keith had a passion for marine life from childhood. Keith has lived by the ocean much of his life and has a deep understanding of the connection between our oceans and human survival. Keith is a marine biologist with many published papers to his credit. He has been involved in marine mammal organizations for over 30 years and has worked in many capacities including marine animal care and husbandry, educational outreach for the oceans, research on wildlife diseases and fundraising to support the needs of his organization.  With his experience and background in biology and animal center management, Keith is an excellent choice to lead PMMC's animal care, research and collaborative efforts and to expand throughout the scientific community.