Marine Mammal Rehabilitation and Research Lab

This small group experience allows older teens to explore different aspects of marine mammal science. Teens gain daily hands on experience in animal husbandry while they work side by side with our rescue and rehabilitation team. Participants shadow our veterinarian on patient rounds and participate in medical sample processing and analysis. PMMC scientists teach the group about the physiology, behavior and conservation of marine mammal and then work with them during hands on activities related to ongoing research investigations at the center. On the last day, the group goes out in the field with our researchers to conduct marine mammal observations to learn about research methods and techniques our scientists use to collect data.

Lab Details

  • Ages 15-17

  • Cost per person $500

  • One week class 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday

  • Maximum # of participants per week: 6

Lab Dates

July 29th - Aug 2nd

June 24th - 28th

Lab Layout

Day 1:

  • Orientation to Pacific Marine Mammal Center and marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation

  • Marine mammal behavior seminar

  • Introduction to animal care policies and protocols

  • Animal husbandry area cleaning and upkeep training

  • Marine mammal rescue training workshop

  • Marine mammal conservation seminar


Day 2:

  • Marine mammal rehabilitation training workshop

  • Animal husbandry food inspection and preparation training

  • Animal rehabilitation shadowing

  • Class conservation presentation project

Day 3:

  • Marine mammal physiology seminar

  • Patient rounds with the veterinarian

  • Marine mammal medicine seminar

  • Biologic samples processing workshop

  • Class conservation presentation project

Day 4:

  • Animal husbandry cleaning and food preparation

  • Animal husbandry food delivery training workshop

  • Marine Mammal Research seminar

  • Field and lab research techniques workshop

  • Class conservation presentation delivery


Day 5:

  • Marine mammal field observations


Our labs sold out within 24 hours. We are looking at adding additional weeks. Please sign up for our WAITLIST to be contacted about additional dates.