Live Webcam

Check out some of our patients enjoying the Laguna Beach sunshine.

We have had a busy 2019 so far, rescuing over 172 animals.  The majority of our patients (pups under a year old) strand on Orange County beaches in the late winter, spring and early summer.  We are grateful for all the support we receive from the public: please keep calling and letting us know about marine mammals in need.

For those of you who have been following Niblet & Brawlers story, we are thrilled and a little sad that they have left us and are now headed on to the next step before reaching their forever home in Hawai. Both sea lions were rescued in 2017 released and restranded shortly after release. Brawler came back to us unfortunately with eye issues and it was determined she was 70% blind. Niblet was re-rescued after losing a significant amount of weight and had behavioral, foraging and hunting issues. Our animal care team worked very hard with these two, working on the best solution but after many months of care, they were deemed non-releasable. The moment we put them together, they immediately bonded and are now inseparable. These two will now be headed to Hawaii for their forever home to be ambassadors for their species. You are forever loved Niblet and Brawler!


Patients in pool "Pool A" are typically animals who are nearing the end of their rehabilitation. These animals are again competing for food, their medical issues have been resolved, and many of them will soon be candidates for release back into the ocean.


Patients in “Pool D” are in intermediate care. These animals are now foraging for fish on their own and have entered the general patient population.

Side Pools

Patients in the “Side Pools” have gained the strength to transition out of the intensive care unit and now begin to learn how to fish school and compete for fish with others.